On-Site Storage

Renovating or remodeling and need an extra room to keep at your place?

Keep your TAXIBOX on-site for as long as you need. Here’s how it works:

– Step 1 –
We Deliver

We deliver your OCTIBOX to your home or office

– Step 2 –
You Pack

Pack and store your OCTIBOX on-site for easy access 

– Step 3 –
We Collect

We collect your empty OCTIBOX when you’re ready

What’s your next move?

Why Choose Octibox for your move?

We take the hassle out of storage

On-site storage means we drop the OCTIBOX at your doorstep for you to keep on-site for a few days, months or even years! Once you’re done, we’ll pick it up and return your empty OCTIBOX to our facility. On-site storage means no driving out to storage facilities, no unloading and no stress!

You save a ton of money

OCTIBOX saves on the cost of truck, ute or mover hire. No hidden costs or long term commitments. Check out our rates by clicking HERE. Oh, and we offer a Best Price Guarantee too!

It’s solid, secure & weatherproof

The OCTIBOX is built with material that is durable, robust and secure. We’d bet that even Arnie wouldn’t be able to get to your stuff! And, with its heavy-duty weatherproof cover, the OCTIBOX can easily remain outdoors for many years!

We are a friendly bunch

Don’t just take our word for it – read what our OCTIBOX customers have to say about us. Or see for yourself by calling (03) 5975 8279 to speak with one of our OCTIBOX team members (no call centre here!).

Convenient Packing & Storage Facility

for Mornington Peninsula Down-Sizers or Home Renovators who Need Space Temporarily

OCTIBOX Delivery to Your Door. You Pack... Or We Pack...

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