Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

× Flammable or Hazardous Goods (e.g. batteries and paints)

× Firearms, Ammunitions or Explosives

× Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods

× Expandable plastics (e.g. foam mattresses)

× Living plants or animals

× Food, Perishable Goods or Liquids

× Illegal goods

× Waste

× Pianos (discuss with OCTIBOX team)

× No Gas Bottles, remove if storing your BBQ

Hints and Tips for Packing your Octibox

  1. Have a full inventory of the items you are packing and storing. Label each box for ease of unpacking
  2. Use the correct packing materials. Pack the octibox so items cannot move during transit, bit like filling a glass full of sand with a lid on!!!
  3. Put as much as you can in moving boxes. Boxes provide greater protection for your belongings and will make loading and unloading far easier. Fill each box to its capacity, using packing paper or filers to eliminate empty spaces.
  4. Fridge and Freezers to be defrosted 12 Hours before loading, drip tray at the rear of the appliance to be emptied of water
  5. Heavy Items load first, spread evenly and low in the box.
  6. Pianos can be loaded, but as they can weigh up to 400 Kilos special instructions are need in placement in the octibox
  7. Mattress are always best to be placed in first
  8. Place TVs and Glass in between Mattress: Glass never lay flat always on the edge

Health and Safety

  • Stretching before and after lifting is always high recommended
  • Correct Lifting posture: Ensure you bend your knees when lifting and NOT your back.
  • It’s a great idea to load your octibox with two people sharing the weight
  • Be careful when walking up the loading ramp and placing items into the octibox ensuring you have your balance and feet in the middle of the ramp.
  • Consider asking the octibox team for a removalist to assist or load your octibox.

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